Michael Angelo


  • Born-March 6th,1475
  • Died-February 18th,1564
  • Place-Caprese(republic of Florence,Italy)
  • Spent most of his life inFlorence Italy


  • Attended a local school for several years
  • ignored his education and focused on drawing
  • joined a painting studio at 13 as an apprentice
  • 1489 moved to a sculpture school
  • Bertoldo di Giovanni his teacher was a resident of the Lorenzo de' Medici household an important art school, asked him to live and serve with him at the household
  • In 1495 he returned to Florence and worked for a smaller art school and created sculptures for them
  • In 1496 he met a wealthy banker who commissioned him to do a statue which was one of his first known pieces
  • After that he returned to Florence and had no trouble finding work


  • Michaels early life was tough
  • his mom died at age 6
  • dad had had time finding work
  • had very little money
  • was forced to work so he could help provide for his family
  • got lucky by meeting people that could help him work towards what he really loved to do
  • went a lot of different places which gave him many good opportunities
  • got to do what he loved for his whole life
  • got good jobs because he was god at what he did
  • people knew him which made him more popular as a sculpture

Type of work

  • Michael angelo started out drawing
  • got into paintings
  • went on to do sculptures
  • known for famous things like paintings,drawings,and sculptures


  • His patrons were the people who asked him to sculpt or draw for him

His Work


  • The name of this piece is called The sistine Chapel
  • This piece was created beetween 1508 and 1512
  • The signifigance of this piece id that it was one of the biggest and most famous pieces that he ever created
  • I think this piece is interesting because it shows what he can do and how his talent impacted it

Renaissance ISMS

  • I think the ism that Michael Angelo is associated wit is Secularism because he focuses on what he is doing in the here and now not worrying about the future
  • also he looks at the actual world when he paints like what he draws and how he draws them