Dealing with Electronic Waste

By: Hailey Vesey

How Should We Properly Dispose of Electronic Waste?


When computer systems are replaced in offices, they should be reused in other areas of the company where high-end usage is not required. By doing this, the office place can save money by not having to buy more technological equipment for the companies in need of computers.


Selling any computer hardware not currently being put to good use by a company is a good way to get rid of electronics and it's environmentally friendly. This also brings in money to the company selling the electronics.


Donating older equipment to one of many charitable organizations can not only get rid of your unnecessary technology, but provide benefits for the organization donated to.


Taking the useful parts out of a computer and disposing of the rest. The parts saved could be used for repairs on other similar machines. This can help the company or organization because they won't have to buy a whole new machine if they just only need certain parts replaced.
Not only are these four methods environmentally friendly, they can save money for the company and/or businesses. Disposing of electronic waste is very important, and it can benefit so many people, depending on how you get rid of it.