Places near the Nile River

By: Trevor Juisto

Aswan Dam

The reason they built the dam was to control the floods Provide water for irrigation, and generate hydroelectricity. They built it also so the water wouldn't go and destroy crops such as cotton that would go down the river and leave the farmer with nothing.



Farming by the Nile River is a good process depending on what side of the river you are on. If you were on the "Black Lands" you would have a great farming year for the soil. If you were on the "Red Lands" your crops would die from the heat and bad soil.


Pictures of the Aswan Dam

The Pryamids

The pyramids is where lots of tourists go to see giant triangles that were made a long time ago (2630 BC-2612 BC). The pyramids are a ideal place of where rituals happened and of where they stored their dead and the battle ground for the country of Egypt.


Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the second biggest freshwater lake next to Lake Superior. Lake Victoria primary inner flow was Kagera River and the primary outer flow would be the Nile River.