New Riverbasin Smore

Lucas and Kaitlyn


Riverbasin-a drainage area of a river  Watershed-all the land drained by a river stream or lakeAquifer-a porous rock layer underground that is a reservoir for waterEcological Address-the amount of land and water needed to support ones life style using current technology


In 1998 President Clinton visited and named the new river an American Heritage River, in honor he distowed on only 13 other rivers in the nation. Theres a stretch between the North Carolina portion and the New River...which is 26 miles designated as the National Scenic Rivers. The stretch is recreational and ecologicaly important for its  excellent water quality.


900 total miles of rivers and streamsMunicipalities within the basin is 6The size is 752 square milesThe population is 49,693 (2000 U.S. Census)


It is very beautiful at the river basins, theres hiking and biking, a bunch of fun  things to do that you and your children would enjoy. The New River basin offers many opportunities to enjoy and explore nature through walking, hiking, biking. The places have trails for easy to moderate activity.

Human Impact

Fishing, pollution, land disturbance and the developement of greenways and blueways.


Citizen involvement helps determine government policy. Legislators listen to citizens, then respond by setting policies that state government must adopt. Protect and play a role in often repairing riparian ecosystems. Protect their reduce the impact of nonpoint source pollution by trapping, filtering and converting pollutants and to supply food, shelter and shade to fish and other aquatic wildlife.


There are lush, mossy-green, fern-filled and grassy habitats that require abundant soil moisture. Some are/have been drained. The Bog Turtle lives there.