Welcome Back 2014-2015!

Spellman Elementary School

To the Parents/ Gaurdians of Spellman Elementary Students,

Welcome to a great and exciting new school year again, I am the Art Teacher of the Year Ms. Spellman. I have a Master's in Art and Minor in Art History from the well- accredited University of Houston. I also work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. My skills and talents consist of art in the medium of Painting and Drawing with the knowledge of the History of Art. My interest that I will bring to the classroom will be to give the children a ambiance room to let them show their independent style of art.

Why I Love To Teach ART!

Relaxing and Fun, Paint for Everyone!

Please Contact Me Students, Parents and Gaurdians!

I am available for meetings, via email, phone, mail, in class, and also through Skype!
My in class hours are Monday- Friday from 12pm- 3pm in room ART 303.
Contact me through electronic communication and cell at any time.
Walk- ins are also accepted!

Come Meet Me for Our First Paint Brush Party

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 9am-12pm

Spellman Elementary School, 123 Fake street, Houston, TX, 12345