Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 23_____Feb. 17, 2014

This Week at Gattis....

Grades 2-5 begin collecting writing samples for ELLs.

All teachers of ELLs begin calibration for TELPAS rating.


  • TELPAS Writing Collection Window Opens
  • TELPAS Calibration Window Opens
  • Bad Weather Make -Up Day
  • 4:00 Meeting at Admin office


  • 8:00 LaWanda @ AP Meeting/Back on campus for PM
  • 11:55 Annual ARD
  • 12:00 Jennifer @ Principal Meeting
  • 6:30 PTA and 4th grade performance


  • 11:30-12:00 Ridgeview Parent Meeting/GE Library

  • 3:05 Faculty Meeting


  • 9:50 ARD
  • 1:45 ARD


  • 7:35 Morning Assembly
  • SSTs 1st, 2nd, 3rd

A Look Ahead....

Feb. 17 Bad Weather Day/ Now regular instructional day

Feb. 19 Ridgeview Parent Meeting in library 11:30-12:00

Feb. 24 -March 6 3rd & 4th Math CBA; 5th Science CBA

Feb. 25 Spring Photos

Feb. 25 6:30-8:30 pm Love and Logic Parenting Classes

March 3 Calibration completion date /Certificates due in LaWanda's box

March 4 Maturation lesson/PE - Girls

March 5 Maturation lesson/PE - Boys

March 6 PTA Breakfast for parents

March 6 Grade 2-5 Writing Collections due to LaWanda (Prelim. check)

March 5-9 am-2pm Kinder Round Up

March 10-14 Spring Break!!

March 17-21 3rd grade Writing CBA

March 19 Early Release/ Just In Time PD

March 19 Tutorials for TELPAS Online Reading

March 20 TELPAS Reading assessment 4th and 5th Grade

March 20 6:30 Dual Language Social

March 26 Faculty Meeting/TELPAS Rating Collaboration (change from March 19)

March 26 TELPAS Reading assessment 2nd Grade

March 27 TELPAS Reading assessment 3rd Grade

March 28 1st grade field trip

February Birthdays

Feb. 4 Daniel Griggs

Feb. 7 Sharia Jefferson

Feb. 8 Teresa Edgemond

Feb. 25 Michelle Schoss

Happy Birthday to you!

We're glad you're at school!

You're day should be happy,

'Cause you're part of the Gattis Gators Team!!

New Staff Member!

We are so happy to have Kim Silva as an official member of the Gattis staff. She is our new Kinder support person. Be sure to give her a great big Gattis welcome. I think she already knows her way around here! : )

THANK YOU From Your Administrators!

Thank you so much for all you have done to comfort and support during a difficult week. We have heard many reports of you supporting each other and our visiting administrators. We have both felt your encouragement and support. The beautiful cards, comments, gifts, and every gesture have been so meaningful. You are such a great team and we are proud to be Gattis Gators!

TELPAS Reminders

Thank you to Kristal, Gabi, and Amie for their presentation of information related to TELPAS assessment. Please let us know if you have questions. Right now everyone should be focused on completing online calibration and collecting writing samples (Grade 2-5).

Professional Development of the Week

Click this link for important dates and info regarding summer PD!

Looking for math inspiration?

AACTM - Austin Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Spring Conference

Saturday, February 22, 2014, is AACTM’s Spring Conference, “A Taste of Math.” This half-day conference (2 sessions plus a keynote speaker) will be held at Hill Country Middle School, 1300 Walsh Tarlton, Austin, TX 78746. The keynote speaker is Dr. Ed Burger, President of Southwestern University, a world-class, dynamic speaker and a distinguised teacher of mathematics. Pre-registration, on or before February 10, is $25. Registration after February 10 is $30.00. For more information see: