Act with Agriculture!

Rebecca Gunn - APES Bohannon

What is Community Supported Agrliculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, otherwise known as CSA, is when a community of farmers come together and pledge to find the most effective way to keep up positive food production.

*FUN FACT: There are communities that support the production of agriculture everywhere. Even in your community of Atlanta! Click the BOLD to find out more information!

How is it beneficial to everyone in the community?

CVA allow all people to gather in the community to understand the different effects of agriculture! Farmers and consumers analyze how to have the best food production for the community, while keeping the land at its best condition. In these unions, people come together to talk about how agriculture impacts the economy, health, and to discover future improvements while all working as one.

How does it help our environment?

  • Better food production

  • Finds better ways to sustain agriculture

  • Use of alternative plants

  • Furthers education & research on the topic

  • Organic Production

  • Soil and Water Management

  • Discover alternate market tatics