The Tempest

New Australian Edited Version

The Bogan Tempest

A school bus full of Robert Townson High school students driving through Claymore on a stormy day. As they were driving the driver noticed a little boy in the middle of the road."Jesus!" He stomps on the brake only just stopping in front of the boy. "What the hell are you doing kid?" Ferdi jumps out the bus and walks to boy. As he's walking he noticed the boy wasnt a boy it was a midget. "Huh?" "Hey kid" the midget says "You wanna buy some drugs?" Ferdi looks at the midget with a strange look "What?" the midget says "Do you?" He replies "No I dont. I want to know why you are in the middle of the stupid road!" "Oh" the midget replies "Im-

Suddenly a van comes speeding down and knocks the school bus and Ferdi off the bridge into the river.

The midget looks down the bridge laughing "All according to plan". He said.

Ferdi wakes up, hes alone lying on the ground next to the river."What the hell happened?" He said to himself. He looked arround pieces of the school bus layed all around him. Then he remembered the midget he was tallking to on Claymore bridge and the van that had hit him and the school bus off the bridge then blank. After an hour of walking through "Claymore Woods". He noticed a strange a girl laying on the ground, passed out with beer botttles around her. As he got closer, she woke up and saw Ferdi both of them stared at each other then Ferdi said " Hi im Ferdi" She replied in a hung overed voice" Im Mirranda". They both started talking getting closer and closer until they both began to kiss. It was love at first sight.

In another area of "Claymore Woods" Stephan and Trinco two student that were in the bus wake up, sore and bruised they got to their feet with great effort. They look around where they are and see no one else. "Where are we?" said Trinco, then a myserious voice in the bushes replies "Your in Claymore Woods". "Show yourself" shouted Stephan. Then a mysterious figure walked out the bushes, it was a man but had scales for skin and was green in colour, he was a monster. "How would you guys like to make some money?"