Unknown Hero FOUND!!!!

After Waiting so long we finally found who the hero was..

We Found A Hero!!!

We finally found our hero Her name is Kamara Martin but you guys know her as Super K. She helps people without them knowing but she doesn't get recognized until now ! Kamara Martin is a nerdy freshman college girl from U of M. We learned that she jumps into action when she feels that something is wrong. She once said,"I Sense when a problem is near. You can be anywhere, where a crime can happen, and i will come."


People wonder why super k (kamara Martin) does what she does Well I'm going to Let you know. Kamara developed This thirst to be a hero.Because her dad use to abuse her mom when she was younger and she couldn't do anything about it and that hurt her so bad she disliked when people was mistreated.

Kamara can fly,and she has the gift to speak upon people and make them do good things. Like change there thoughts from bad to good.She also is very strong and powerful but people thinks Super k is normal But she is not she is very different. Did you know she is blind in one eye but you cant tell? Or She is very angry because she lost her father to a very violent fight? Kamara is always happy its seem you guys would have never thought we would meet this hero everyone knows as super k in person and end up finding out who she really is. In the interview with kamara she expressed the love she has for people and the passion she has to keep changing life's so nobody not even her worst enemy would go through what she has been through. SHE said to close the interview she wants to let everyone who supports her know that she loves them,and Thank you see You around.

"All along the hero was among us but we didnt know now we DO......''

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Jasmine James & Janaesha Glasco

We worked really hard on this i hope you guys like what we did.

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