The Fields Above

by: Leagan Wilson

I look out the window

Wishing, hoping you were here

I gaze out like a child

Waiting for the ice-cream truck

My mind now empty of everything

My face red and stained

With streams of salty tears

You should still be beside me

You always were

It was you who made me smile uncontrollably

Making me laugh until

Milk shot out my nose

Our giggles interrupted

By the occasional snort

Or your parents' yelling

You, who tried

To cut my hair in the 6th grade

You held your breath, scissors in hand

closed your eyes, knuckles white


Your immediate look of fear

Wide eyes, gaping mouth

Melting into a warm smile

As bundles of my hair tumbled down

You, my best friend Kayla

Who will rest below

The land you loved

Among the tulips and the daisies

That danced in the summer breeze

The field in which we rolled through

Without a care

The smell of earth

Forever surrounding you

Like a trophy in its case.

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