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Let's Partner Together to IMPACT Student Achievement

What teachers really want...

is student engagement, authentic learning opportunities, students collaborating using their "inside" voices, happy students, etc. But we all have had those days when that dream lesson isn't so dreamy or those "perfect" students become disengaged. In those moments, it helps to have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of. That is part of the role of an instructional partner. Below is just a sample of ways that we can work together to impact students.

We are better together! Please let me know how I can best help you this year!


*Listen and support

-Lend a listening ear and help in any way I can

-Brainstorm-bounce ideas off one another and plan how to implement in your classroom

*High Expectations

-Identify and celebrate your strengths

-Through conversation and observation reflect on student learning in your classroom.

*Gather Resources

-Find lesson components, webpages, and resources to enhance your learning goals.

-Assist with data collection and analysis.

*Empowering Instruction

-Encourage teachers to pair up and learn from each other.

-Join you in your classroom and provide feedback on instructional strategies.

-Select, plan, and model formative assessment strategies to share.

Additional Resources