Tier One Tuesday

Spooky Edition- 10.26.21

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Happy Hallosweek!

This newsletter will cover:

  • Unity: Disabilities Awareness Month Materials
  • Recorded Interruption Lesson with Ms.McD (10 min, 15 with pausing)
  • Expectation Communications
  • Fall Fun
  • Great Kids
  • Teaching Quote

Reminder: Please don't forget to complete the BEISY before October 29th!

For more resources visit www.pbismtssmcdonough.com!

Unity Month: Disabilities Awareness Resources

Lesson on Interruption in the Classroom (10 min)

Interrupting Lesson with Ms. McD

Expectations Communication

Research on teacher expectations and student achievement has shown that expectations have a dramatic impact on student academic performance (Kerman, Kimball & Martin, 1980). Student behavioral performance is also dependent to a large degree on the expectations of significant adults in the students' lives.

There will be a series of expectation videos made that help students follow the expectations at Briarwood. Please show these videos in class as they are released via email to ensure students are understanding the expectations. The first location specific video is the Bathroom Expectations video. Please show this in class multiple times to ensure all students are following the bathroom expectations.

Bathroom Expectations Video

Briarwood Bathroom Expectations Video

Review Expectations: Expectations Matrix

Fall Fun

Great Kids

Each staff member nominates at least 4 students each month that have followed the Briarwood Way! Please focus on nominating students who are using kindness and fostering unity in the school!

⋆The student will receive…

  • A Certificate
  • Shout Out
  • BW Sticker (for their first nomination only)
  • Posted Certificate

Please have your Great Kids submissions in before Thursday at 4pm,

otherwise those names will be held until next week.

Click here to nominate your Great Kid today!

Click here to view the Great Kids Nomination Tracker!

Quote of the Week

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