Helping Students with SEBD and SLD

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Understanding the connection between SEBD and SLD

The link between students with SEBD and SLD has been noticed since 1924. The rates are difficult to accurately measure, but it is believed to be in the range of 71% to 90%. Students with SEBD and not SLD can still be at risk because speech and language issues may still not be recognized. Our goal is to help these children not only function in a least restrictive environment, but flourish. Understanding the reasons for their behavior and their triggers can prevent shutdowns and outbursts. Our goal as teachers is to make all of our students productive citizens. Students with SEBD are more likley to have incounters with the law and go to prision. Teaching students ways to understand their own feelings and prevent outbursts can change the course of their lives.

Find the triggers

Prevent frustration

Find ways to help them express their thoughts and feelings quickly and easily. Topic boards can assist students.

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