High Jump

By Treyten (T-Dog)

High Jump

High jump is a summer spot. The objective is to get over a bar that gets higher when you clear it. There is a lot of technique to have a good jump. You first have to run up to the mat at a J like path and jump off of one foot. You have to look over what ever shoulder you are going to turn so you can be flat in the air. When you are over the bar you have to kick your feet up so your feet don't hit the bar. It is a very technical sport but also can be fun.


To see If woman will be better than the woman.

The scatter plot

The red squares are the men's gold medalist heights and the blue X's are the women's gold medalists heights.

The Linear Regression (lines of best fit)

The blue line represents the men's gold medalists and the red line represents the women's gold medalists.
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The intersection is when ever the men and women's gold medalist heights will be the same. The X coordinate represent the year and the Y coordinate represents the gold medalists heights. After the intersection the woman's heights will be higher than the men's.