Da Study Guide of Da Futur

Seriously, 4.9 - Acidification Lab

Acid Rain

Acid rain is caused by gases that are dissolved in the Earth's Atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide + Sulfur Dioxide = An acidic solution (AKA Acid Rain)

Causes of Acid Rain:


-Industrial Pollution

-Burning of gas (cars)


-Kills forests

-Pollutes water (Rivers, Lakes, Ponds)

Carbon Dioxide + Sulfur Dioxide = An acidic solution

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-Soft of Moe's Scale

-Soluble in Water

Florida Sinkholes occur because:

-Lots of Limestone

-Water Underground

-Florida was once under an Ocean

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Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric Acid was discovered by Alchemists


-Medieval Scientists bent on making gold from cheaper materials


-Lead acid batteries


-Steel industry (it prevents corrosion)

-Dried fruit (hydrotropic)

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The Sulfuric Acid Lab

The gas produced was hydrogen:

-flame test showed that the reaction was green

Phenol Red

Phenol red is a ph indicator, the more red it is, the less acidic it is. The more clear it is, the more acidic it is.

The purpose of the lab:

To see if we can change the acidity of the water by dissolving carbon dioxide from our lungs.



Calcium Tablet:

Result: The tablet in the cup that was blown on did not retain its shape, and it started to dissolve in the water. The non blown on tablet in cup only lost a little material, and it retained its shape.

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Ph level in Ocean is rising

Typical ph level:

- 8.1 - 8.4

-the level has lowered about 0.1 (-25%)

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