Wilson Rawls

Chapter 19 #1 Summary

Billy desided to go hunting and this is it was a dark night and he wanted to ketch a big coon and little ann an Old dan stuck a trail and he kinda keep up with them but they were exited to ketch a coon.

Chapter 19 #2 Summary

Billy and his dogs (Little Ann and Old Dan) were on a trail of a ring tail raccoon But then it jumped up into a tree instead of climbing it.then he also saw his eyes and that instant he Knew it wasn't a raccoon.

Chapter 19 #3 Summary

It slowly started coming out It was not a raccoon it was ............... a MOUNTAIN LION all the sudden it leaped from the tree and old Dan met him in the and the air fight was on!Up and down the hills the fight the continued then they were in the valley,the mountain lion started thrashing at his ear and shoulders then the it hit billy and stared thinking about what a mountain lion could do to an animal it slice his stomach and tier there intestines out.Then it took the mountain lion took down old Dan and it went for his jugular and billy blacked out and didn't see little Ann save old Dan's life and then bit the mountain lions throat too.When he woke up he checked for marks on little ann the only bad injury was giant scratch on her shoulder, old dan was alll scratched up from head to tail and had big scratches all his shoulders and stomach.Billy thought that they would be ok to walk home but half way their old dan intestines worked their way out and got stuck in a bush so Billy unraveled it and took a rag and wiped gravel,twigs and author things and then took his coat of and rapped him up and put his ax in a tree and blew out his lantern and hung up it up on the ax and ran home and doctored him and after his mom and him got done Old Dan put his head on Billy's lap and looked at him billy baged him not to go and then died.So billy put him on the porch and covered him up and sat down were he was sitting before and thought why god took him away and then he herd a wimpering from the porch and thought that he had come back to life so he ran to the door and it was little ann trying to cuddle up by him and the next day he buried him and little ann was not the same after that about a week later she disapered and he went up an down the foot hills untill he thout theirs only one more place she could have gone to old dans grave and she was lying there dead.
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