Are Your Ready for Blended Learning

Free Tools and Resources for the blended learning classroom

Blended Learning Classroom Management Tools

Part of creating a blended learning classroom is having good classroom management. While the students are collaborating, communicating, creating, and using critical thinking skills it is important to make sure they are staying focused and on task. Here is a list of my four top classroom management tools. The list includes tools for Middle and High School as well as noise level control. Click here to learn more about my favorite classroom management tools.

Three Stages of Blended Learning

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Blended Learning Classrooms that Work

Pace, place, path, and data are the key elements in creating a blended learning classroom that works. Recently, I was asked to write an article talking about how I coach teachers in creating a blended learning environment. The article takes a deeper look into Pace, Place, and Path and how using MAP data can really change the outcome for creating not only a blended learning environment but also a personalized learning classroom. Click here to read Blended Learning Classrooms that Work.

Marcia Kish Blended Learning Coach

Marcia Kish is currently a blended learning coach for schools across Ohio and the country. Her most recent projects have been working with educators to implement rotation blended learning that focuses in on use data to drive the learning that allow students to move at their own pace, place, and path. Marcia has presented workshops on Blended Learning at the OETC 2014/15 and ISTE 2014/15, and Learning With iPads Conference in 2014. With 17 years of teaching experience, Marcia has spent time in the classroom, as a director of a blended learning high school, and currently a blended learning coach.