Addressing Executive Functioning

Dr. Kaye Otten Leads December Learning

Executive functioning issues are difficulties with a set of mental skills that are key to learning. Kids who have trouble with executive function often struggle with working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. Deficits in executive-functioning skills have been associated with several behavioral challenges, such as shifting attention, inhibiting impulses, initiating activity, organizing actions and materials, time management, working memory and emotional control.

Prairie Lakes will host a workshop designed to offer ALL educators a proactive approach for targeting these skill deficits through various instructional strategies. It will be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Dec. 17 at the PLAEA office in Pocahontas. Lunch will be on your own.

Dr. Kaye Otten; PhD, BCBA, LBA

Kaye Otten is a board certified behavior analyst with an doctorate in special education specializing in emotional, behaviral, and autism spectrum disorders. She serves as adjunt faculty at the University of Central Missouri and with The Mandt System, an international leader in crisis prevention and intervention. Kaye has over twenty-five of experience in public and private schools as a general and special educator and consultant and has experience working with all ages, ability levels, and disability categories. Kaye is the Co-Founder of Camp Encourage, a not for profit organization which provides one of the only overnight camps in the United States for children with autism spectrum disorders. She is the co-author of the top selling book How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behavior: Practical Ready-To-Use Strategies that Work and the online professional development courses Managing Challenging Behavior: Part 1-Antecedent Strategies and Part 2-Consequence Strategies provided by Exceptional Child by Vector Solutions.

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