Vik Beach

D'Jon Askew


Continent: North America US

Country: North America

Latitude & Longitude: 63.4194 and -19.0097

General Information

It is closer to a plate boundary. It is close to any tectonic activity. It is a active coast.

It features are created by geologic and volcanic forces. It is a primary coast. it has been rising relative to sea level since its existence. It is a emergent coast. The picture show the beauty of the beach.

Sand color an Orgins

Black sand is sand that is heavy, glossy and partly a magnetic mixture of fine sand. Another type of black sand found on beaches near a volcano, consist of tiny fragments of basalt. Black sand comes from volcanos leaving large waves surface erosion scarps. The picture shows the beautiful sand.

What is the Beach famous for

It has Black sand with amazing rock formations, unique sand and rocks, the water has an irregular wave and the under current being so strong that people cant swim. The picture describes the calm waves an rare sand.