Logan Miguez

Religion III

From what you learned thus far about Theology of the Body, how can you grow in your own life to become a better follower of Christ in this world?

How I can grow is learn how to grow in my relationships with others. I can become pure and live a chaste life until I find the one who I will marry. I can grow as a better person by learning how to put others priorities over mine.

Who are you now?

I am a student at St. Michael's High School trying to get better grades and succeed in life. I am on my journey toward reaching my dream job. I have a bit more ways to go before I reach that goal. Religion is important to me and I still have to fix things in my spiritual life. Theology of the Body has taught me to respect life and if you do then things will work out. You can't just have the world revolve around you and your actions affect everyone.

What do you want to become?

I would like to become a Wildlife Rehabilitator and an Illustrator. The job Wildlife Rehabilitator requires college and Illustrator requires some additional learning. Both of these jobs seem like they are going to take up a big chunk of my life. A Wildlife Rehabilitator is someone who rescues injured animals, brings them back to the vet centers, and then reteaches them how to survive in the wild.

What are your dreams in life, your passions?

One of my dreams is to have my dream desk setup to use for my work and everything else. Another dream of mine is to succeed in both of my dream jobs. My passions are drawing, image manipulation, scooting, gaming, helping animals, and creating things. I created my dream setup myself and it is the picture next to this.

What kind of person do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I see myself in 5 years trying to finish up college and earn my dream job. I see myself learning new things and trying to get everything sorted out. I see myself in 10 years succeeding in everything I wanted and being really happy. I see myself having a wife and one child.

Where is Christ in your life? Where will Christ fall in your future vocation?

Christ is helping me through all the troubles in my life. Christ is everywhere in my home. I try to go to Mass once a week. Sometimes it doesn't happen because of my stomach pains. Christ will fall into the rewarding face of the animals I will save.

What do you believe is your vocation?

I know my vocation in life is to help animals in need whether they are in danger or hurt. My other vocation in life is drawing. I've enjoyed doing it ever since I was little. The first drawing I did was of Spongebob. Now I can perfectly replicate what I see onto paper with a pencil. I've come so far in that category. Getting Confirmed has gotten me a good starting point onto making good decisions for myself and others.