Spinach or Steroids?


Scientist have come out with brand new information that has the world shocked. Aparently if you eat 3 cans of Spinach you become three times as strong. For all you skinny guys go out there and buy some spinach!

Bacon For All!

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A major drop in the price of bacon has the world content. Now there is a huge increase of breakfast food purchases. Milk and egg companies are very pleased with this

Apple on the Rise!


Apple has just had a huge increase in worker productivity do to the increase in there pay buy 5$ an hour. Now they are producing almost twice as much as before.

Here Come the Cavalry


300 people have just moved into the city. Due to this mcdonalds has made twice as much daily.

The Future is Crispy!


The price of chicken is expected to drop in the next following months. Due to this chicken is expected to be in huge demand next month.