Sea Life in Captvity

By: McKenna Lont

Sea World in Trouble

Sea World, known for being a fun and friendly aquarium where kids and adults can interact and watch the animals in a "safe" captivity. Many adults think that Sea World is a great place for their kids to go see these sea creatures do stunts and tricks for amusement. Do you really think that they would rather be a show animal and live in a tank which keeps them from swimming freely? There are many opinions on Sea World's reasons of the low appearances. A few are because of "Black Fish" the "killer" a whale drowned its trainer during a show in 2010.


Zoochosis is a disease that many animals of land of sea get because of the small environments they have in comparison to their natural habitats. In the 21st century, we are so concerned about the world that we live in and everything that happens in our world affects all living creatures not just humans. We have a chance to save and help these creatures, why not take it.
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