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This Week

Monday- PTA Ex. Board Meeting

Tuesday- Board Member Appreciation Day



Friday- 1/2 Day work day with 30 minute Education Galaxy Refresher

Next week SLO checkpoint

Lakewood Goals

District Focus for Lakewood:

· Early Literacy: Kinder TRC, 1st DIBELS, 2nd DIBELS

· 3rd Grade Math (Masters)

· 4th Grade ELA and Math (Masters)

· 5th Grade All Subjects (Masters)

· Meets level for Special Education Students

· Meets level for Asian Students

Our Goals:

100% Implementation of Continuous Improvement

100% Implementation of CHAMPS

97% Attendance

Reading 3D- 90% of students will make OR surpass their EOY grade level target

Kindergarten- Level E

First Grade- J

Second Grade-N

Goals in Approaches/Meets/ Masters

3rd Grade Reading- 86/60/40

3rd Grade Math- 85/50/30

4th Grade Reading- 85/55/30

4th Grade Writing- 75/45/25

4th Grade Math- 85/55/30

5th Grade Reading- 90/60/35

5th Grade Math- 95/70/35

5th Grade Science- 90/59/39

6th Grade Reading-88/50/35

6th Grade Math- 90/60/40

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January Birthdays

Chrystal Powell 1/12

Celebrations AND SHOUT-OUTS!

Shout out to Miss Germond for creating rigorous and aligned questions for students on her day off.

-Patricia Garcia

Shout out to Mrs. Rogers for her book selections for the HEBISD School Board Members.

Shout out to Mrs. Rogers for her preparation for our World Read Aloud Day coming in February.

Shout out to Christian and Suzann for attending the 4th grade curriculum preview with me on Wednesday.

Shout out to our 4th grade students for representing LW well when they attended a writing lesson in the Eagles Nest on Tuesday with Mrs. Buhrow. So proud of them!!!

Shout out to Jessica and Lindsay for their great discussions during our Lucy Calkins writing training on Wednesday.

Shout out to everyone that attended PLC’s this week. I appreciate your hard work and discussions.

Shout out to our students and their teachers for growth on SRI this week. I have heard so many stories of improvements and am excited to see what the EOY shows. Keep them READING!!!!

Shout out to Mrs. Moore for her constant POSITIVE attitude! I enjoy your energy!

Shout out to Carla for setting up another Kona Ice Day!! Can’t wait to see how much money we raise this time!

Shout out to everyone that has been reviewing the rules and expectations. I see a difference as I walk the campus. Great Job!!!!

Shout out to Mrs. Powell for the engaging PIXAR clip over character analysis. The kids loved it! Poor Mike Wazowski J

Shout out to Melissa Vinyard for having a great first week and adjusting to our Lakewood ways.

Shout out to Vy Nguyen for her guidance and always thinking.

Shout out to Mason who has graciously answered many questions from my department this past week.

Shout out to Vy and Melissa for attending MOY Calibration training with me on Monday.

Shout out to Deb Yatko for creating banners for our board members celebration on Tuesday.

Shout out to Danee and Lindy for taking down all of the holiday decorations.

Shout out to the PACES department as they adjust to getting several new students over the past week.

Shout out to Suzann and Christian. Your students are doing a phenomenal job writing to the prompts.

Shout out to Muna, Vy, Melissa, and Carla for making K – 1 morning drop off run so smoothly. We have great tunes, flawless routines, and TONS of enthusiasm!!! Those cars are flying through that line J

Shout out to Mackenzie and Sonya for walking through the SpEd goals and making adjustments in order to reach our targeted goals for STAAR.

Shout out to Mrs. Ryder. I don’t know how she can get that machine to work properly for her but I greatly appreciate her hard work and dedication to get our copies to us in a timely manner. Oh yeah and she cut out all my laminate J Gotta love her J

Shout out to Lindy, Carla, and Cameron for a great first week back with our team meeting.

Shout out to Beth W. for terrific discussions during her small groups she is pulling for 2nd and 1st.

Shout out to Lindy for the fantastic breakfast spread on January 3rd.

Shout out to 4th and 5th grade for the fun team building activities on Jan.3rd. Those could transfer into the classroom easily.

Shout out to the staff for your flexibility in the intervention schedule due to MOY testing.

Last but not least, Shout out to a half day Friday and a holiday on Monday! Take time to relax and enjoy your time off!!!!

-Beth Gilley

Shout out to Julie for always thinking of ways to help our students in positive ways!

Shout out to Diane Carter and Jennifer Landers for openly sharing data with their student to help them understand where they are! I enjoyed being there to see how transparent you are with your students!

Shout out to Mr. Hunt and Mr. Beckman for thinking of the best ways to support the students on campus!

Shout out to Ms. Barraclough for her work with Whiz Kid and engaging her students in high level questioning routinely!

Shout out to Amanda for always giving me GREAT TV and movie recommendations! You have not let me down yet!

Shout out to Stephanie Larsen, Donna Braziel and Diane Carter for being open and willing to having board members in their classrooms on Tuesday!

Shout out to Brook Hoover, Aleksandra Marcyzk, Jessica Kirkley, Lindsey Deleon, Delta Napolitano and Suzann Jones for representing us so well on the impromptu campus CI walks. She had nothing but positive things to say about all of the learning she saw!

Shout out to Jade, Ms. D, Danielle, Muna and Andrea for their flexibility, positive attitudes and love for all of our students.

Shout to Beth for all of her support and help with so many projects! I truly appreciate the help!

Shout out to Lindy for keeping me up to speed and keeping me organized!

Shout out to first grade for all helping our while Ms. Aelvoet was out of town!

Shout out to Christian and Suzann for being so open to support and doing whatever it takes to move our students forward! I appreciate your positive attitudes and hard work so much!

Shout out to Sonya Moreno for always striving to be the best! I enjoy seeing how competitive that you are!


Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Goals

Hurst- Euless- Bedford ISD Goals

☐ Goal 1: Student Achievement

☐ Goal 2: Effective and Efficient Operations for all Components

☐ Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

☐ Goal 4: Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

☐ Goal 5: Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders

The Why's

Debe Roger's Why:

I have always been a "school girl," loved everything about going to school my whole life. They say "those who can, do/ those who can't, teach." It is a terrible saying except when I stretch it to say that since I can't be a student forever, I can surround myself with students and teachers and can learn as much from them as I teach. I want to be a lifelong learner, so maybe my reasons are a bit more selfish. But if I can inspire students to be lifelong learners, too, then I have made a difference.

Emily Pryor's Why:

To make a positive difference in the lives of the children that I serve as well as the teachers, staff, and community that surround our school.

Mrs. Moore's WHY:

To make my room the "safe" place for kids to learn and grow. I always wanted to be two things growing up...a mom and a teacher. I have been blessed to be able to do both - and my goal in my teaching has always been to be my students "home away from home" - a place where they are encouraged, nurtured, and grown into the young men and women I know they can be.

Coach Stacy's Why:

To be the "constant" in each students life. To be the one they want to share with and trust . They know they can Count on me!

Amanda Maclaurin's WHY:

To make a positive difference in children’s lives. ❤️

Sonya Moreno's WHY:

To encourage all students & celebrate every success/improvement, no matter the size!

I would love for you to share your WHY so that we can highlight them throughout the year!


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Unpacking the TEK

Remember to pull the language out of the SE. Decide what the important nouns and verbs are and then how you will chunk them for your students.

The most important part of the process is to SHARE exactly what students need to master with the students!

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Great things are happening at LAKEWOOD!

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