Group 7 Assignment

Group Members!

Olivia benson flirts and talks dirty

Law and Order SVU

Olivia Benson, a detective, coerces a suspect into the same act that he is already in trouble for so they can prove that he is the criminal. Benson uses deceptive language to make the perp think she is interested in what he is offering.
The Blind Side - Football Practice Scene

The Blind Side

In the movie, The Blind Side, Michael's football coach makes an inference about him knowing how to play football because of his size and because he thinks that he must have a lot of anger in him because of the way he has lived. He then makes another inference about him not knowing how to play because he can not block anyone during football practice.
The Guy Who Over-Pronounces Foreign Words

The Guy Who Over-Pronounces Everything!

In this video, a group of three men go out to eat. They are at an Italian restaurant and one of them thinks he should embrace the Italian culture and pronounce the entrees on the menu in what he thinks is Italian. His two friends tell him he is wrong and embarrassing for pronouncing the words the way he was. His friends may be trying to help, but they are being disconfirming.

8 Physical Effects caused by emotion

1. Weight gain or loss

2. Depression

3. Chronic Fatigue

4. Skin conditions

5. High blood pressure

6. Anxiety

7. Back Pain

8. Decreased immunity

The Last Song - Jonah

The Last Song

In this scene from The Last Song, Jonah uses strategic emotion to make Ronnie, his sister, give him money.

Emotional Ineptitude

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This picture shows that when you're hungry, you don't have control over your emotional responses.
Castiel Tone Deaf


In this scene from the show Supernatural, Castiel is emotionally tone deaf to what Dean tells him.

Overdisclosing on Social Media

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Back Handed Comment

Cool Mom!
Regina told her mom to go fix her hair as a means to tell her to go away. The mom doesn't see it as such and thinks the girls are trying to help her "stay young."
Penny gets a compliment from Sheldon!!! Shock

Accepting a Compliment

Towards the middle of this video Sheldon compliments Penny on a job well done and she responds by smiling and thanking Sheldon and telling him that he made her day. She graciously accepts his compliment.