Problems Facing Children in Africa

Anh Nguyen

Children in Africa

Children are an important part of the community and they need to be protected at all times to ensure they succeed in life. Unfortunately, this does not normally happen in most countries around the world, mainly in Africa. Have many children done have enough year old are abduction in Africa. And all the children need to safe and guard.

The children are abduction to do sex slaves

In 2003, the Commission on Human Rights applied the first time a resolution on the abduction of children in Africa. Kidnapping children for laborers and sex slaves became an increasingly common characteristic of armed conflict. One of the most serious example is in northern Uganda, where the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has abducted 10,000 children since mid 2002.

Too much children in Africa are illiteracy and poverty.

According to research by UNICEF, about 20,000 children die every day because of poverty. That is why most African countries now depend on food aid from outside to feed their people.

Education too low and tuition fee too high. Many children in African are illiteracy. Moreover, the girls in some African countries are not encouraged to enroll in school because of cultural and religious.

Despite the challenges facing children in Africa. Most importantly, plan economic development of Africa is leading Africa. Better working between donor countries and African countries has led to ENHANCED aid being used more effectively.

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