Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Photosynthesis 🌿

Stage 1: Light-Dependent Reaction

- the chloroplast traps light energy and converts it into chemical energy contained in NADPH and ATP

Stage 2: Light-Independent Reaction

- NADPH provides the hydrogen atom that help form glucose, and it gets the energy from ATP.

Stage 3: Calvin Cycle

- takes over whenever the light reactions are over. It uses chemical energy stored in ATP and NADH and carbon dioxide from the air to produce glucose

Now For the Hard Part 😂

Cellular Respiration 🌍

Stage 1: Glycolysis

- Enzymes split a molecule of glucose into two pyruvates

Stage 2: Energy converted to the Mitochondria

- If oxygen is the process the energy is converted into the Mitochondria (Aerobic)

- If oxygen is not in the process then goes through Fermentation(Anaerobic)


- Is the process in which ATP is form without oxygen.

Stage 3: Krebs Cycle

- electrons are removed from acetyl CoA and these electrons reduce more NAD+, along with another electron carrier, FAD

Stage 4: Electron Transport Chain

- produce the amount of ATP that the equation provided. Mrs. Sims says that it depends if it's a good or bad

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