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Madaba 27 Sep-5 Oct 2012

Interfaith as a cross cutting issue in youth work in EuroMed context


1. Swira (Belgium)

2. Association of Initiatives and Cooperation (YARD) (Latvia) 3. NC Future Now 2006 (Bulgaria)

4. Association des Jeunes Mediterraneen pour les Exchanges Culturels (AJMEC) (Tunisia)

5. Sustainable Development Association (Egypt)

6. Relearn - Suderbyn (Sweden)

7. Landesjugendwerk der AWO Thüringen (Germany)

8. Thaqafat Association (Morocco)


Specific Objective: To promote intercultural dialogue through deeper understanding of the inherent cross-cutting religious dimension and providing tools to better tackle this critical issue in youth work within EuroMed context.

Objectives of the action: -Raise awareness about different beliefs & their impact on EuroMed work (knowledge) -Provide youth workers with pedagogical tools needed to approach EuroMed religious dimension (skills and multiplication) -Make participants confident & motivated to tackle this dimension within their work (attitude)