Northeast ECHS May 4th 2020

May the 4th Be With You, 2020

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Principal's Message

Dear Northeast Early College High School Families,

We have so much to be proud about as we ensure we remain Raider Strong even during this pandemic! Seniors, We now have an FAQ for college and career information on the Austin ISD Covid19 updates page, the link is below in the newsletter. There will be more virtual Senior activities to come in next week's newsletter, please be on the lookout.

I want to give a special shout out to all the Northeast Teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Your job is the most valuable job on the planet. Teachers are the glue that keep society running for generations to come.

There is only one thing more special than a teacher and that is a mother. I want to give a very special shout out to all the mothers of Northeast ECHS. You make our students special each and every day. Let me leave you with this poem.

A mother loves right from the start,
No matter if her children are near or far apart.
A mother gives never-ending love.
She gives us comfort and peace like a beautiful dove.

As we honor our Teachers and Teacher Assistants this week for Teacher Appreciation Week, please check out our social media pages for a special video from our Campus Administration as we say Thank You for all that you do to serve our students!

Take care and Go Raiders!

Sterlin McGruder



Thank You to the Northeast ECHS Teachers!

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Department Spotlight

Meet the Math Department

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Meet the Science Department

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Census Information

The census is more than a count. The census is an investment in your child’s future.

Every ten years, our country counts every single person who lives in our communities. The next census happens this year, and a complete count matters – to us and to our children’s future.

The census count helps decide how billions of dollars in federal funds are used in the neighborhoods where we live. How does that impact our children? For the next ten years, the 2020 count will help fund things that are important to our families. And if we don’t count everyone, we miss out on money that can improve our children’s lives – now and far into the future. How?

In our schools, a complete count means more money for:

  • Title I funding for schools in low-income communities, so every child has a good education
  • free and reduced price lunch, so students don’t go hungry
  • IDEA special education funding for children with disabilities, so they can reach their full potential
  • Head Start preschool programs, so children can get a great start in school
  • after-school programs, so children are safe and growing while parents work
  • classroom technology, so students are prepared for the future

In our homes, counting everyone means more funds for:

  • Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, so our children stay healthy
  • affordable housing programs, so families have a place to call home
  • maternal and child health programs, so families have a healthy start

In our cities, when we count everyone, we have more money for:

  • transportation, so we can all get where we’re going
  • emergency planning for our communities, so we can stay safe
  • economic development, so our children have opportunities for jobs when they are grown

That’s just a small part of why the Census matters so much – to our communities, our families and our children. The resources below will help you learn more about the Census and its importance, what to expect and how to get involved.

Now that you’re staying home practicing social distancing, why not fill out the census?

✅ You can complete the census from home via

Online 💻

By phone 📲 1-844-330-2020

Or by mail, if you received the paper form.

Ahora que estás en casa practicando el distanciamiento social, ¿por qué no llenar el censo?

✅ Puede completar el censo desde casa

Por internet 💻

Por teléfono 📲 1-844-468-2020

O por correo si recibió el formulario.

Online Learning

All students should be in contact with their teachers and interacting with the online contact to receive a Pass for the semester. If students are having issues accessing BLEND or have questions please have them email their teachers, counselors, administrators or contact their alpha front office staff for assistance.

Microsoft TEAMS

There is a new contact method for all students and teachers:

  • Install the Microsoft Teams App on your Phone! (in Android Play Store and iPhone app store)
    • Send Instant Message Chats to teachers
    • Easily send files or share your screen
    • Join "Classes" and ask questions
  • Standard now for all students and teachers
  • You can also access it through the "Office 365" app on your chromebook at
Install Microsoft Teams on Phone

Parent Cloud

Before they can access BLEND, parents will need to set up a Parent Cloud Account. These resources are designed to support parents with this process. If a parent or guardian needs support with their account setup, they should call the Parent Help Desk at 512-414-9187

Start at the AISD Portal:

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Grading Q&A

Q-Mr. McGruder, I was failing before March 12th can I make up the work?

A-Yes, get ahold of your teacher ASAP to work out completion of assignments in Blend.

Q-Mr. McGruder, I was passing before March 12th am I good?

A-AISD will provide structured continuous learning activities to ensure students have access to critical grade-level content and to be ready for the upcoming school year. These assignments will be given no numerical grade but will ensure that you will be ready for the upcoming school year.

Q-Mr. McGruder, I was passing before March 12th, what should I do to ensure a Pass and not an Incomplete?

Continue to learn and reach out to your teachers and you will get a Pass and not an Incomplete.

Q-Mr McGruder, I was passing before March 12th, I’m reaching out to my teachers but don’t understand some of the work will I fail or get an incomplete?

A-No, as long as you are continuously reaching out to your teachers you will receive a pass. Think of it like attendance in a class, participate and you are good

Q-McGruder, I had attendance issues before this? How can I get them cleared?

A-reach out to Miss Roberson at and she will help navigate

Q-Mr. McGruder, I’m taking a special class like Onramps, ACC, AP or a certification class am I good?

A-You will have to check with your advisor for special grading rules in those classes.

Q-Mr. McGruder, I am a senior and I have not passed all my EOC tests?

A-Continue to follow the IGC process Mr. Garcia laid out for you

Q-Mr. McGruder, the class that I am in is a EOC class will I have to take the EOC this year or next year?

A-No, as long as you pass the class you will not have to take that EOC.

Q-When is all work due?

A-All work and make-up work to be graded is due May 19th to your teacher

ACC and Advanced Academics

Advanced Academics such as Advanced Placement, UT On-Ramps, and ACC Dual Credit will have different expectations. All instruction will be offered in an asynchronous format, meaning that for any course students may work on their own time if they choose.
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Food Distribution

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Chromebook and WiFi issues

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Big picture

Parents and students need to fill out a technology request form or call the Parent tech support line if their Chromebook is broken, lost, left at school, need a charger or need a hotspot. You can also ask questions about your students account and other resources.

Parent Tech Support: 512-414-9187, email, or or submit a request using the Parent Support tile in the portal so that an incident can be created.

Student Tech Support: 512-414-4357

AISD Computer Repair for Families

Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., families may drop off non-working Austin ISD Chromebooks at:

  • Anderson High School
  • Austin High School
  • Crockett High School
  • The AISD Performing Arts Center

Families will drive through, safely leave their broken Chromebook, and receive a working device. You can also get replacement Lenovo or Samsung chargers. Dell chargers will be available after about May 1. Note: This is not a help desk, and no repairs will be done while you wait. Students do not have to be present. Students will receive a replacement device that might be different from the one they had. Students whose devices are working but who need technical support, or students who need a Chromebook issued to them, should call the student help desk at 512-414-4357.

Visit for approximate wait times at each location.

Families Must Bring:

  1. Your Chromebook
  2. Your charger (if you have one)
  3. A piece of paper with:
    • The student's full legal name
    • The student's ID number
    • A description of the problem "won't turn on," "cracked screen," etc.
Student Technology Request Link

Parents and students need to fill out a technology request form or call the Parent tech support line if their Chromebook is broken, lost, left at school, need a charger or need a hotspot.

AISD Wifi Bus Map

Austin ISD retrofitted its buses with WiFi capabilities up to a distance of 200 feet. Click on the link to see the bus locations. Austin ISD students who live at the locations can access free WiFi on their school computers, weekdays 8am-2pm.

Online Support

Other Services

Spectrum is offering free Wi-Fi and broadband access up to 100 MBPS to any household with K-12 and/or college students that doesn’t already have Spectrum. Installation fees will be waived for these households, and anyone wishing to enroll will need to call 1-844-488-8395.

Comcast is expanding a service they already offer for low-income families called Internet Essentials. The service, which is normally $9.95 a month, will be free for new customers for 60 days and is 25 MBPS. People hoping to sign up for the services can call 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.

What is Blend?

What is Blend?

BLEND is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to support and amplify teaching, learning, and communication in Austin ISD. BLEND is a digital tool that is being used by schools and universities across the country to provide students with a 21st-century educational experience

The Northeast teachers will be posting materials for continuous learning in their respective BLEND courses. Students should log into their BLEND courses daily in order to stay apprised of learning opportunities and to receive teacher feedback on their learning.

Check out up to date information on the Northeast High Campus Community Course

Parent Walkthrough

These links will take parents to short screencasts that demonstrate what BLEND looks like from the parent "observer" view.

BLEND Parent Access Screencast Video

BLEND Parent Access Screencast (Spanish)

Multiple Languages Supported

This page contains helpful BLEND (Canvas) guides in multiple languages.

BLEND (Canvas) Guides - Guías - 指南中文版

Nurse Sweetman's Corner

The sweet danger of sugar

Raiders be aware of how much sugar you are consuming.

  • The average child consumes 65 lbs added sugar per year.
  • Most of children ingest over 30 gallons sugar in added beverages alone.
  • The next biggest contributor is in snacks and sweets.
  • Added Sugar causes inflammation throughout the body. Putting you at risk for weight gain, high blood pressure diabetes, strokes, heart, kidney disease, fatty liver and cancers.
  • Consuming whole foods with natural sugar is ok.
  • American Heart Association suggests, most added sugar for Men 9 teaspoons /day, Women 7 teaspoons /day.



With Love and Your Health,

Nurse C.Sweetman RN.

A Message from Nursing Students at the UT School of Nursing

Group 2 - Healthy Eating

Resources Survey

What do you and your family need so that you can come back to (online) school? Your information will be shared confidentially with school counselors and social workers so that we can try to provide support.

¿Qué necesitan usted y su familia para poder regresar a la escuela (en línea)? Su información se compartirá confidencialmente con los consejeros escolares y los trabajadores sociales para que podamos tratar de brindar apoyo.

In English (Links to an external site.)

En Español

Stay informed and connected with Northeast ECHS

A Message from Herff Jones to the Class of 2020


When you walked on campus last fall – FINALLY a Senior – you had no idea the challenges and trials that would come your way. We, at Herff Jones are doing everything in our power with your administration to ensure that every SENIOR has earned the right to proudly wear their cap and gown, move their tassel and has their time to shine and celebrate with friends and family.

We plan on delivering 100% of the graduation products to the resilient CLASS of 2020. Due to school closures and the production plant being closed until April 6th we still plan to deliver products in May. We anticipate being able to fill ALL or most late. Although orders will be filled based on date ordered. ALL PRODUCTS are being shipped to my office instead of school. The school will communicate the date, time and location of the product pick up in early May. General questions can be emailed to: we are trying to respond to those within 24 hours.

Success is measured by the challenges you face, and every journey has its challenges. We see you, and your strength is truly inspiring. Just know that we are here for you and will be there for you at your graduation.

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Darren K. Masur


Herff Jones/Centex Recognition, Inc.

Note from CIS

To our current CIS students and parents,

Our school might be closed but CIS is not! We are doing our best to reach out to each and every one of you to make sure your family is doing well during these uncertain times. We miss all of our students every day, and have enjoyed getting in touch and seeing how their doing! We hope to see all our students again soon, and please keep in touch 🙂

During school closures, the Northeast ECHS CIS team will continue to provide services and supports, including check-ins with students and families by phone, providing referrals and assistance connecting families to community resources, and providing emergency financial assistance through a CIS emergency fund.

Andrea Cervantes:

Reiley Van Osselaer:

Jonathan Sosa:

Vida Clinic Information

Northeast Community,

I am Maria Jackson, therapist of the School Mental Health Center (SMHC), on Northeast ECHS campus. I truly hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time. If you or anyone you know in the Austin community needs mental health support, please contact us at the information below. We can provide individual, family, or couples therapy via telephone and virtual (video) sessions. Services are available in Spanish as well.

If you would like to register for services, please call the Care Team at 512.518.2209 or complete the enrollment form at the Vida Clinic Website.



Also know that you can contact me directly at ‪(512) 265-6150 or if you have any questions.


Maria Jackson


Austin ISD

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


CDC Handwashing Videos (English/Spanish)

The City of Austin

Virtual Care for kids partners with AISD

Virtual Care for Kids has agreed to waive all co-pays for all AISD telemedicine visits. In addition students with Medicaid will receive free care. If you wish to utilize this service please register your child at:

To see a provider please visit:

Integral Care

Additionally, if you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, Integral Care has a 24/7 Crisis Helpline at 512-472-HELP (4357). You can also Text TX to 741741 to connect to Crisis Text Line. Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 crisis support via text. Integral Care is also working with NAMI Central Texas to make sure the community has resources available during this challenging time. They will be posting helpful tools on their website this weekend, including tips and tools for managing stress and how to talk to your children about this uncertain time.

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Northeast Early College High School

At Northeast Early College High School, students are not only preparing for college tomorrow, they are attending college today. Northeast offers students the opportunity to graduate with a diploma in one hand and an associate degree in the other—for free.

Northeast ECHS is a diverse and closely knit community of learners and leaders in Northeast Austin. The school offers a world of opportunities—from arts and athletics to hospitality and health sciences—to help students achieve their greatest potential. Northeast offers career and technology classes and a path to industry certifications in the fields of audio and video production, engineering and health sciences.