This flyer informs students at DC about Individuality


"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, thier lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation" this quote from Oscar Wilde seems true for most of the students at DC. They are conformed to following the latest trend whether it be food, clothes, gadgets or activities without knowing their benefits or flaws. Students at DC decide to be conformed because they want to blend in with the students around rather than be considered different for what they think.

Examples of Conformity at DC

  • When a new gadget comes out and lot of students are buying it, others get influenced hence they buy the same gadgets.

  • Students at D.C play games in the library just to blend in with their friends while that time could be utilized in more productive ways like doing homework, indulging in sports activities, pursuing personal hobbies etc.

Why be Individual ?

Respecting own thoughts and ideas and not being one of the herd has resulted in many great minds that have succeeded in history like Van Gogh, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton etc. Without individuality in today's society, the world would be filled with people that would follow in each others footsteps. If students at DC consider being individual and confident about their thoughts and ideas, they are also likely to become successful in the future.