By: Jake Gascho

What Is Ecstacy?

Ecstasy was made by the Merck Pharmaceutical Company. Ecstasy can have many different drugs in it along with it like LSD and Cocaine and that is what makes this drug so dangerous because you do not know what they put into it. Ecstasy is a drug you can get in pill, liquid or injection form.

How Ecstasy Is Used

Street Names For Ecstasy

Some of the street names for Ecstasy are Love Pill, Roll and Hug

History of Ecstasy

It started out in 1912 when Merck pharmaceutical company made it. Then around 1970 it was promoted as a ¨party drug.¨ By 1980 it was considered happiness through chemistry and then in 1985 it was banned due to the safety problems it causes people.

Short Term Affects of Ecstasy

Confusion, Depression, Drug Cravings, Muscle Tension and Blurred Vision
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Long Term Affects of Ecstasy

Kidney Failure, Death, Damage to Portions of the Brain, Psychosis and Convulsions

4 statistics about Ecstasy

* 92% of Ecstasy users end up using other drugs

* 5% of the people in the US 12 and older have tried ecstasy

* 9 million users worldwide

* Getting caught with Ecstasy can result in up to a 4 million dollar fine and a life sentence in jail

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