Rotation And Revolution

By Rowan Giardina

What Rotation is

Rotation is when the earth spins on an axis creating day and night. If the Earth didn't rotate it would be the same time every day. One side is day and the other would be night!

What Revolution is

Revolution is when the Earth travels around the sun. It takes 365 days or one year for it to fully revolve around the sun. It would be the same time of year every day!

What Rotation and Revolution do together

Rotation has the Earth spin around while Revolution has the Earth travel around the Sun making day and night. It also makes seasons. How you ask? Well while the Earth Revolves and Rotates where the Sun isn't shining it is Winter. As it tilts the season changes to Spring because it is touching the light a little. As it tilts more it becomes Summer because that side is fully facing the Sun. As it tilts even more that side starts facing away from the sun causing Autumn.
Rotation and Revolution of Earth | Educational Video for Kids