the city stuck in the 1950's

The sweet fresh food of Havana

Almost all oaf the food in Havana is made from scratch, and all sugar cane based. Once it is freshly prepared and it is served to you on one of the food cart's or at one of the homes in Cuba, with a side of vegies, that are freshly grown at home.

Havanas sunny weather

If your a person who likes fun in the sun then your defiantly going to love Havanas climate because it is sunny all year round so grab your hats and sun glasses. Making the weather perfict for swimming, bikeing, sports etc.

Havanas heart of culture

They have lots of arts like tykwondo, music, yoga, dancing and painting. All of the culture in Havana Cuba is religion biased. They also have the Cuban missile crises which had a big effect on the U.S. The threat caused the U.S to set an embargo on Cuba leaving them with all the old cars, trucks, etc.

Some of Havanas have to do's

When in Havana you will have to get on a bike and ride around the main streets of Havana. Maybe even stop to eat a bite from one of the food carts in Havana. After your ride check out the museums and historical library of Havana. Then travel around downtown to see some of the great music and activities in Havana.

The wonderful historical landmarks of Havana

In Havana they have lots of old buildings and cars such as the Bellaire, Impala, etc. If you're wondering if there is a good nice naturaly formed land to see it is the mongote plains with miles and miles of beautiful trees and flowers.

Havanas Hispanic langue

If you don't know Spanish than learn it because in Havana the main langue is Spanish. They write in Spanish and speak very fluent Spanish with a tiny bit of English. They are also great poets and story writers.
Havana Cuba - City Sights and Architecture