3rd & 4th Grade News Letter

Mrs. McKay and Mrs. Kessel


Everyone is doing a fantastic job of submitting their assignments and attending classes!

Keep up the good work and remember to check your drop-boxes to see if any assignments are missing for Week 4. All work is due at the end of the day on Friday.

Tuesday September 18th is Paragon Night! - Mark your calendars it will be a live Collaborate showing student work.

Welcome our new 3rd grade teacher Mrs. McKay! She is taking over on Monday September 10th.

Reminder! Collaborate classes will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting next week!

Teacher Update

I am excited to announce our new 3rd grade teacher Mrs. McKay! You will have a chance to get to know your new teacher next week during live collaborates. I will continue to teach 4th grade for this school year.