Our City - Our Money

Exploring the Potential of The Bristol Pound

Want to find out more about the Bristol Pound?


Ashley Vale Action Group welcomes you to an evening with the Bristol Pound team at Wildgoose Space, 228 Mina Road, St Werburghs - in the heart of Bristol's award winning self build community, The Yard.

The Bristol Pound was launched in September 2012 and has attracted phenomenal attention. There are now substantial funds in circulation across the city, and hundreds of businesses have opened accounts, yet this is only the first phase of the project.

Chris Sunderland, one of the founding directors, will tell the story of the Bristol Pound so far and explore with you its potential for changing the way our city works. With free locally sourced food and drinks, the evening will be an opportunity to not only find out more but to have your say about what this exciting new currency can mean for each of us, as well as for the resilience of our city.

Accounts can be opened at this event. If you might like to do this please bring proof of ID (such as a passport, driving licence) and proof of address (such as a recent utility bill)

Have your say, find out more and become a part of this ambitious community currency scheme in 2013.

Free: 7pm to 8.30pm Wildgoose Space, 228, Mina Road, BS2 9YR

www.ashleyvale.org.uk | avag@ashleyvale.org.uk | www.bristolpound.eventbrite.co.uk

‘Our city – Our money’ - Exploring the potential of the Bristol Pound

Sunday, Jan. 20th 2013 at 7pm

228 Mina Road


Workshop approach - a chance for one of the founders to present the story so far and for you to feedback and explore what the currency can mean for you, either as a consumer or a trader.

With free locally sourced food and drinks.
Accounts can be opened on the night with proof of ID (passport/driving licence and proof of addres)

Ashley Vale Action Group

AVAG is a community action group that was formed in 2000 by residents of Ashley Vale, Bristol, concerned about the redevelopment of land in the area.

Ours is a story of the strength of local people power and the possibility of collective creative thinking.

AVAG believes that building developments should be community-based, environmentally-sensitive initiatives, rather than profit-driven commercial enterprises.

Determined to stop the developer McAlpine grabbing land and building 35 brick boxes for corporate profit; a not-for-private-profit company was formed to buy and re-develop the site via self build.

We successfully raised the initial purchase funds and achieved planning permission to create a mixed use development, combining affordable housing, work and leisure space. Our passionate slogan from the start was ‘building a community’.

In May 2001, we succeeded in buying the site, in order to create innovative and sustainable self-built housing, workshops and a community space, now known as The Yard.

13 years on, 41 homes have been self built and over 100 residents form part of a vibrant, thriving and award winning community.

We believe in community action and the possibility of grassroots change. We strongly support Bristol Pound - a dynamic and ambitious venture that is taking brave steps to support the resilience of our city and focus spending power in the region into local, independent businesses. We are delighted to host this event for a venture after our own heart.