#TwitterTips for PR Professionals

How To Use Twitter Effectively To Help Expose A Brand

March 22, 2014 7:00PM EST

Social media is an essential tool for all Public Relations professionals to use, especially during a marketing campaign. Twitter specifically is a powerhouse platform to launch a marketing campaign from and for many reasons. During this webinar the instructor will teach different Twitter tactics one can use to increase the exposure of businesses through the proper social media etiquette. The viewers of this webinar will also walk away understanding why Twitter should be the leading social media platform used during a marketing campaign compared to Facebook.

Instructor of the Webinar

Courtney M. Burton

Courtney is currently a Public Relations graduate student at Full Sail University, and was formerly an intern with Buzz Entertainment PR. Her current mission is to engage and help other PR professionals with "take-away lessons" she has learned during her journey to become a Public Relations Professional.