Latin 1 Online Class

Week 15-18 Updates


We have just about ONE MONTH left in Latin I!

The 4th Quarter ends on Friday, 5/22! However, I will accept any and all work through Sunday, 5/24. 4th quarter grades will be made up of your scores from Chapters 15-17.

Your overall Latin grade will be compiled in the following way:

1st Semester = 37.5%

2nd Semester = 37.5%

Final Exam = 25%

As always, parents may check on a student's status by logging in with the student and viewing current grades under "My Grades" of each course. I will be emailing students who are behind over the next few days with an assignment list to help with catching up. If the student did not choose to catch up over Spring Break, now is the time, as time is running out!

Visit HERE to find the NCVPS Official Calendar.

Upcoming Assignments

Monday, 4/17 - Chapter 17 Culture

Tuesday, 4/28 - Chapter 17 Culture

Wednesday, 4/29 - Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Thursday, 4/30 - Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Friday, 5/1 - Chapter 17 Grammar

Monday, 5/4 - Chapter 17 Grammar

Tuesday, 5/5 - Chapter 17 Narrative

Wednesday, 5/6 - Chapter 17 Narrative

Thursday, 5/7 - Chapter 17 Didactic

Friday, 5/8 - Chapter 17 Didactic

Monday, 5/11 - Catch Up Day!

Tuesday, 5/12 - Catch Up Day!

Wednesday, 5/13 - Catch Up Day!

Thursday, 5/14 - Catch Up Day!

Friday, 5/15 - Catch Up Day!

Monday, 5/18 - Final Exam Review

Tuesday, 5/19 - Final Exam Review

Wednesday, 5/20 - Take the Final Exam

Thursday, 5/21 - Take the Final Exam

Friday, 5/22 - LAST DAY OF CLASS: All work due!

Grades are updated each Sunday night. Work is not considered late until the Sunday night following the previous week. At that point, all missing work counts as a zero until it is made up.

Live Classrooms

I will be in the Live Classroom on Monday Nights at 8:30 PM. Other teachers also offer Live Classroom sessions if you can't make it to mine. Please click below to see the schedule for Live Class sessions each week.

Live Class Schedule

The Peer Tutoring Center is Recruiting Tutors

If you are interested in being a Peer Tutor, please let me know! The PTC is recruiting tutors for the upcoming year for Latin and other subjects in which you have been successful! We need volunteers for all of the following areas:

Peer Tutors--Volunteers need strong content knowledge in the courses for which they will tutor, oral and written communication skills, a desire to help others and initiative.

Virtual Buddies--Volunteers need strong organizational and time management skills, high level of motivation and the ability to pass motivation on to others, strong study skills, a desire to help others and initiative. These students do not need to have superior content knowledge. They simply need to be dedicated, conscientious students who are good communicators and diligent in their work.

TutorTalk Bloggers--Volunteers need strong written communications skills and initiative.

Others--Volunteers with skills in technological, multimedia, organizational, communication, marketing, graphic design, etc, and initiative.

Watch HERE to find out more about what the PTC can do for you!