What I want for Christmas is...

By: Baylee Grace Musson...{please^^}

Item Numer 1:

My first item is an IPod Touch 6th generation. I would prefer it in gold, but if not that is okay.

Item Number 2

My next Item I would like is an Ivory Ella shirt. My top three picks are below. I would need a small and prices range from $31-41

Item Number 3

I would like to get a new straightener, preferably in purple.

Item Number 4

A new north face would also sound very warm.

Item Number 5

If you were to get me a PINK pullover, I would prefer one of the ones down below.

Item Number 6

A pair of {gold} beats earbuds pretty please

Item Number 7

Lokai Life Bracelet $22 (from buckle)