(Trinity and Trojans Week)

MAY 16—Bring Your Own Banana (BYOB)

It can get SCORCHING outside!. Why not cool down with a deliciously cool banana sundae with free toppings! It's simple, quick, cold, and delicious. Only $2.00!

May 17—Tacky Tourist Day

Dress up like a tourist! Think Hawaiian shirts, sandals, cargo shorts and other tourist attire. Also, we got some fun activities at lunch which you should definitely join!

Trying to decide which event to participate in? THIS is the one you should do! :)

May 18—Twin Day

Find a person & copy their outfit then proceed to school together! Don't worry, you won't get docked marks for plagiarism.

MAY 19—Black and Gold Day and Pep Rally

Show off some of that Trinity patriotism by wearing black and gold and joining the Pep Rally! Come on out and support Trinity's sports teams! This day's a full day!


One of the few times you can get yourself a Trinity burger, don't miss it! $3 for a burger & pop. After school, participate in the Holy Trinity Waterfight 2016! Half day this day!