Welcome to Physics B!

Spring 2021


I will be your instructor for your Spring 2020 Georgia Virtual School Physics AB course. As in face-to-face school, success is achieved through common effort by student, teacher, and parent. The online world is the same. There are a few things that students and parents need to do prior to beginning the course. Attached you will find a detailed welcome letter. It contains a lot of important information so take the time to carefully read it prior to the start of the course.

Hopefully we will get a chance to talk by phone. I will be making welcome phone calls and leaving my contact information that you can use when it is a convenient time. I look forward to a successful spring semester. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Emily Kroutil

Science Teacher

Lead GaVirtual Instructional Coach




Your orientation course should be completed at least 24 hours before you want to begin class. This means if you want to start Monday, January 4th, you need to complete orientation by Sunday, January 3rd. There is only ONE quiz at the end and you must earn 100% to gain access to the course.

Once you log into the course, your schedule will take approximately 24 hours to populate. PLEASE let me know if you do not see your schedule 24 hours after you log into the course, as you will have at least a couple assignments due the first week of class.

Creating and Using Your Parent Account

Parent Account Creation:

  • Parents should read the knowledgebase articles in the order listed below. The steps must be completed in this order.
  • Account Creation Steps/Process:
  1. Parent Account Creation
  2. Link Child to Parent Account (Student GTID is needed during this step)

Using Your Parent Auditor Account:

Parent Account Video

The Video Below Will Help Introduce You To Your Course....

Fall 2020 Course Tour

How to Approach Your Georgia Virtual Course

Note: This is my AP course, but the navigation is the same.
How to Approach Your Georgia Virtual Course

Spring 2021 Due Dates and Checklist

During the fall, assignments are due at least once/week, starting the first week of class. Please follow your personalized schedule closely so as not to miss any due dates.

Please make sure you are working on the course diligently EVERY DAY, or you will quickly fall behind.

You can print this CHECKLIST to mark your due dates for each assignment and check them off when you've finished them (and turned them in!!).

Finding Due Dates in Canvas

Spring 2021 Late Work Penalties - NEW as of FALL 2020!

  • 1 day late - 10% point reduction
  • 2 days late - 20% point reduction
  • 3 days late - 30% point reduction
  • 4 days late - 40% point reduction
  • 5 days late - 50% point reduction
  • 6 days late - 60% point reduction
  • 7 days late - 70% point reduction
  • 8 days late - 80% point reduction
  • 9 days late - 90% point reduction
  • 10 or more days late - permanent zero in the gradebook

Canvas Open House Spring 2021

Missed the live session? All sessions are recorded. Recordings will be posted after each help session date. The Canvas certificate is in the recording. Students e-mail the certificate to your instructor(s) for a bonus point on your first discussion.

Canvas Welcome Session Recording

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Help Videos

Finding Due Dates in Canvas
Downloading Office Apps
How to Use OneNote as a Student
Fall 2020 Course Tour
How to Approach Your Georgia Virtual Course