How to Escape Cerberus

The Three Headed Dog


Cerberus is a three headed dog the son of echidna. He also guards the gates of the under world. He is a Evil dog but deep inside he is a little puppy.

How To Escape The Beast

Step 1.) you slowly move away

Step 2.) you find either a ball or a good singer by you.

Step 3.) you either sing him a lullaby or play fetch with him, those are the only things that calm him down.

Step 4.)if he rips the ball then sing him a lullaby

Step 5.) while he is distracted run away

Even thought Cerberus is a evil 3 headed dog he is still a little dog inside.

Cerberus Greek vs. Riordan

weaknesses And Strengths

Cerberus's weaknesses are rubber red balls or lullaby's. His strengths are His three heads and His size


Cerberus the three headed dog is a dangerous beast. He is even more dangerous then a Minotaur. even though he is dangerous. he is still a little puppy inside. he Is the most dangerous dog of all. He is a three headed dog with a serpent mane and a serpents tail.


Hercules was sent on the impossible mission of kidnapping Cerberus the guard of the gates of the under world.