great tips for saving money!

  1. Make a grocery list.
  2. Check fridge and cabinets when making list.

  3. Check to see what is on sale.

  4. Place meats together and all frozen foods together.

  5. Cook a chicken for more than one meal.

  6. Stretch ground meat with bread tomato saws.

  7. Don't go down every aisle win you shop.

  8. Check the sell by and used by bate to make sure you are getting fresh foods.

  9. Make sure all purchases are running up correctly.

  10. Be careful when using coupons.

  11. Make dessert from scratch to save money.

  12. Grow your own fruits and vegetable.

  13. Wast Les use all foods before they spoil.

  14. Take your lunch to work instead of buying it.
  • keep paper and pencil in kitchen to make list.
  • keep in mind that items from convenience coset more.
  • make salads with leftovers.
  • make food from scratch.
  • grow your own herbs.
  • pike fruit and vegetables from u-pick farms