Gaming On PlayStation 4

Increases Creativity

PlayStation Sparks Thinking

With over 30.2 million units sold worldwide in 2015, parents and kids in families played games together. They enjoyed the challenges brought by games. Those challenges brought more creative thinking.

PlayStation 4 Games Price Drops

PlayStation 4 Demand Increase

More PS4s are bought as a result of games being cheaper. Each new game is now charged at $40 rather than the normal standard of $60 for consoles.

Minimum Wage Increases, More PlayStation 4s Sold

Minimum wage increase gives everyone more money to buy more consoles and video games. Magically companies don't fire anyone for wage increase. More PS4 gamers in the world.

Xbox One at $499 while PlayStation 4 at $399

More families purchase PS4 over Xbox One for convenience of price. An easy choice for consumers to make for a difference of $100. That extra money could be spent towards games for the console

Immigrants move into US for PlayStation 4

Immigrants are moving into the US to get the new PlayStation 4. Demand has increased tremendously increasing popularity for the PS4.

Prices for PlayStation 4 Increases Matching Xbox One

Sony Believes Customers Will Stay Loyal

Sony raises the price of their PlayStation 4 believing their quantity demanded will stay the same. More PlayStation 4s are brought before prices are lowered, then demand quantity demanded falls.