The Struggle in Silence

Displaced People, and their Plight

Around the world, people are losing everything they have

Right now, millions of people, from South and Central America, to the Middle East and many more, are struggling to survive. They are attacked by any number of terror groups, drug cartels, gangs, and have nothing but a corrupt government to seek help. As such, many choose to seek refuge in other countries, and many more haven't the luxury of that choice.

Their Plight seems Unending

These people, forced to leave their homes and lives, often meet more opposition in what should be considered safe. Prejudice, racism, and any manner of struggle often await them in their new "homes". And, often, this prejudice is earned by the wicked among them, those who choose to play the victim, only to turn around and hurt more. What are the civilians to do, it takes just one bad egg, and there seems to be a never ending supply of them. Their image is sullied, and they can't change that in the slightest.
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How do we Impact?

With all the turmoil in the world, it seems like something must be done. Unfortunately, I cannot be the one to do it, not without a lot of training and help myself. As a result, I will instead issue a plea to those who have the knowledge and ability to make a change, I beg that the innocent people who have lost it all not be punished, they have seen horrors many of us cannot fathom. I ask that anything that can be done to assist them be done, and that they not be treated the same as the cruel people they risked their lives to flee from. I don't know if a peaceful resolution is possible, but if not, no one else should lose their life for where they come from.
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