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Celebrities running for Presidency (or politics in general)


In the real world, when one applies for a job position, the content of their resume' is what's usually important . A Person's experiences and previous occupations are what boost their chances of landing that position.

For example, if you look at almost every single president, they have held at least one job as a politician; whether it would be senator, state representative, or even governor. Although that is very common, nowhere is it written down that states one must have held a previous political job i order to become our nations leader.

Presidency Requirements

As said before, although it is common and encouraged that an individual should have held a political position prior to running for president, it is not required of a person to do so.

In fact some of the minimum requirements for a person to even be eligible are out of our control. The MINIMUM requirements are as follow:

- Must be a natural-born citizen of the United States (May be born abroad only if both parents are Citizens themselves.

-Must be 35 years of age older older.

-Must have lived in the United States for a total of 14 years ( does not have to be consecutive)

Keep in mind that these are the MINIMUM requirements to be eligible. There are many more aspects that are needed to even be considered as a serious presidential candidate.

List of Celebrities

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run During 2015 VMAs

Even more Celebrities

Those were the icons that ran for presidency, but they weren't the only celebrities who ran for a political office.
With All this being said and done, it goes to show that an individual doesn't have to be some old big-shot politician. With the requirements met along with a sizable support group, anyone could become our president, even A-List Celebrities