Why Learn to Keyboard?

Typing Tips

Why is Typing Properly a Big Deal?

There are two main reasons why typing correctly is so important. The first has to do with health. Many people are surprised to learn that typing can lead to repetitive strain injury, as well as stiff lower back, neck and shoulder. Another reason is business. Being able to type correctly is important in businesses. If you're interested in a career that involves a lot of typing you need to practice your skills and here are a few tips how.

Correct Sitting Position

  1. Put your feet flat on the floor if you can
  2. Make your back straight
  3. Put your arms comfortably at your sides. Your arms should be relaxed
  4. Lift your hands to your keyboard, if your arms are not longer at your sides, then you're sitting too far away. Move your chair closer if possible
  5. The keyboard should be centered with your body
  6. Your wrists should be straight and your fingers slightly curved
  7. Your forearms should be level with the floor
  8. Make sure your wrists are bent up or down
  9. Your wrists should be hovering over the keys and not resting on the keyboard

Finger Gymnastics

  • Practice during lots of short periods instead of a few long periods.

  • Not looking at the keys is really important!

  • If your fingers get tired, take a break and do "Finger Gymastics"

  • Watch yourself get more accurate with practice!

  • Don't worry about speed. Be accurate!

  • Practice!

  • If you find your typing is getting less accurate, slow down!

  • Reminder: Good posture helps keyboard correctly!

  • When placing your fingers in home room position, remember to have your wrist slightly raised and not resting on the table. This helps with correct keystroking.

  • Learn to keyboard without looking, and you will develop keyboarding techniques and the speed will develop naturally with practice.