An Interview With Ms.Timms

By Brianna Silva

Meet Ms.Timms

Ms.Timms is a director of Theater Arts at Elgin High School and also teaches Professional Speech Communications . She believes in the power of creativity in helping all students in their academic journey, and in theater everyone should feel safe and treasured

About Ms.Timms

Ms.Timms has been teaching since 1993, which is 22 years of teaching.

She's been teaching at EHS ( Elgin High School ) for 13 years. Ms.Timms knew she wanted to do this when she was 28 and was also inspired to teach theater because of her high school theater teacher and theater professor. She got two bachelor degrees from Midwestern State University for theater, directing and acting and her second one for communication.

She Gratuated and got her teacher certification from Texas Tech.

Interesting facts about Ms.Timms

  • Ms.Timms teaches 9th-11th
  • Her classroom I'd very crafty and creative
  • One classroom management is that instead of calling them out to tell them to be quite she asks them "what can I do to make you stop talking?"
  • Her biggest challenge is not enough money and lack of understanding from administration
  • Her biggest reward for teaching is seeing her students getting scholarships
  • In ten years from now now she sees her self retired and would like to be a cancer spokesperson
  • Ms.Timms works 80 hours a week