This online newsletter is specifically created for parents by teachers. It will serve as a useful tool in providing educational tips and strategies, as well as developing systems that parents can use to work with their children at home on the academic skills being emphasized in the school program. We hope that this information serves as a positive medium in strengthening the relationship between home and school.

Middle School vs. Elementary School Homework Policy

As we cruise through Quarter 1, the 6th grade students are settling in and becoming more acclimated to the middle school experience. With this new experience comes new responsibilities and a level of independence that can prove to be a bit overwhelming for some. Students are following new schedules, learning locker combinations, and embracing a new school culture. In addition, they are adjusting to an entirely new homework policy. In elementary school, homework was assigned, but failure to complete it did not impact the student’s grade. In middle school, homework is assigned, graded, and there is a penalty for late or missing work. Simply stated, failure to complete homework will impact a student’s grade. Many students view homework as a tedious and laborious task; they think of it as a waste of their time. On the contrary, teachers view homework as a way to reinforce skills learned during class. They stress, that when done consistently, it can actually teach students to manage their time. Assigning homework is not meant to burden students; rather it is to help them practice a skill or concept introduced in class. To ensure success throughout the school year, we encourage students to use the tips and tools offered below in, A Diet for Healthy Homework Habits.

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A Diet For Healthy Homework Habits

Here are a few tips to help minimize homework stress and create healthy homework habits:

  • Use the Assignment Notebook--Stress the importance of writing down homework daily. Writing down assignments can help eliminate the stress of trying to figure out what needs to be done, once your child arrives home; it is also an excellent way to manage homework.

  • Establish a Routine--Create a system that works with your child so that he/she learns a routine. This can include eating a snack or even having a few minutes of unscheduled downtime before starting homework. Sticking with this routine can make homework time run more efficiently.

  • Set Up a Designated Homework Area--Find a peaceful, quiet location that is free from the television and other distractions. This will help your child to focus and avoid getting sidetracked.

For more information on how to create healthy homework habits, click on the link:

Lee, K. ( 2017, August 9). Great homework habits that work: Study and homework habits that your child will use for years.

Team 6-0 Google Site

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My Time After School Program

Are you looking for academic enrichment that will support your student's learning and social growth? Well, look no more, because My-Time is coming to Fischer Middle School, starting on October 23rd!!!

The program, which runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3-5 p.m is free, after school, for middle/junior high school students, and is designed to ultimately engage students in positive activities beyond the school day. The program offers age-appropriate learning opportunities, including tutoring and games designed to improve math and reading skills, plus recreational activities, community-based services, fine art opportunities, as well as other academically and socially enriching activities.

Signed parental consent is required for enrollment; forms are available in the main office.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I know what my child has for homework?

You can check your child's assignment notebook or the team's Google site for the calendar.

How do I view the online science and math books?

These texts can be accessed through your child's SSO portal; this can be done on the Chromebook or any internet browser.

How do I check my child's grades?

You can access your child's grades through Home Access Center on the the Fischer website, the District 204 website, or you can click on the following link: