Latin America project: Costa Rica

By: Alexis Rimando

Background information

Costa Rica is a small country in Latin America, although theres many places to visit. The capital is San José. The major cities are Puerto limón, San Francisco, Alajuela, and San José.

Historical information

Costa Rica did gain its independence in 1821. The official language is Spanish and English. Also the colors of the flag are red, white, and blue. Also the flag is striped

Geographical information

Costa Rica is south of Nicaragua. Some physical features are Arenal volcano, herradura bay, and Nicoya peninsula.


The type of government is democratic. Their leader is presedent Laura chinchilla Miranda. Also the currency for the country is colón. Capitalism is the economic system.

Tourist information

People should visit Costa Rica because there's so many places to go and explore. Tourists should go to Nicoya peninsula because it is surrounded by lots of rainforests and it's a beautiful destination to see.