Waiver Day February 8th, 2019!

Curriculum, Departments, Striving Readers, and More!

Waiver 2-7-19

The waiver day this month will be a mash-up of different professional learning for staff. Please note the groups on the agenda. If you have questions about your day please see me. I will be out with the Striving Readers group at Perry in the afternoon, and Doreen will be at Harding.

Harding Waiver Day

Friday, Feb. 8th, 7:30am

329 Vine Street

Fairport Harbor, OH


7:35-10:30 Please work with your department on your current curriculum. Identify core skills and content taught, processes employed, and different assessments used for grade level. Check out these links. There is value in how they have laid out the standards by quarter.



10:30-11:10 Planning Period

11:10-12:10- Lunch

12:10 6th-12th grade Science and Social Studies teachers ONLY, travel to Perry High School Media Center for a Striving Readers presentation and overview By Perry and Riverside reading specialists. Presentation starts promptly at 12:30.

12:10-3:05 Continue curriculum in ELA and Math groups. Specials teachers please join an appropriate group .Discuss options for next school year and possible projects. Completing your school works modules is an option as well.

*If you were tagged on the LMS email, feel free to take some to complete the task.