Jacqueline Gonzalez- Music Teacher

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Contact Information

Name- Jacqueline Gonzalez

Address- 622 East Washington

Contact- 458-274-2894 or jgonzalez696@cbcsd.org


My future goals is to become a Music Teacher. I really like dealing with children and music, so if I could combine both of them it would be fun. I also hope to graduated from high school, which should be every-ones future goal. Being a Music Teacher grabs my attention because when you are one, you feel good by helping other people understand the meaning of music.


I am currently taking advanced math, I really like music, I take music class, and am very responsible at work. And I used to babysit kids, so I’m used to children. And I had good grades before and after graduating from Iowa University. But over all my personality is not perfect but I usually don't have bad days, and I try to be nice to everyone around me. I also participate in different things in my Church.

Assigment #018C -Resume https://docs.google.com/document/d/151xWbRRzb3UzCmPv32zXsByWk55AmfSim83c1zZiGDU/edit


Adults- (Kristina Rove, Aunt, telephone ( 358-894-2983)

Friend- (Carter Will, Best friend, telephone (482-924-4857)

Previous Employers- (Mandy Luis, Music teacher telephone ( 122-555-8805)

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